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* Do you know what the Domain Name Resolution is?

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Domain Name Resolution is a process that is activated when a user wants to visit a particular website and types its domain name into the browser.
The Domain Name Resolution process includes a DNS resolver, which serves to search for the needed information. It can resolve the domain name in one of two ways.

The first way it will send multiple queries to find the required data. Additionally, it will receive different portions of information from the root server, the TLD (top-level domain) server, and finally from the authoritative server, which knows the exact IP address of the domain name.

The second way to get the IP address is shorter and quicker. However, it occurs if the domain has been resolved previously. Then, the DNS resolver is going to receive the needed information from its cache memory.

If you are interested and you want to read more about this process, we suggest you read all about the Domain Name Resolution!